Bring your best dance moves to Tekko 2018!

Dance Party

Join the Tekko family on Saturday night of Tekko 2018 for our annual Dance Party which will be bigger and better than ever! We have completely changed up the format and will be using a four DJ lineup. Enjoy yourself by dancing the night away to the coolest music from Japan and abroad. So grab your glow sticks and party the night away with us.

2018 DJ Lineup


ChaoticStyle is a Pittsburgh, PA based Producer and DJ. This 1337 Pittsburgh resident is best known for his genre breaking, high energy mixes and signature fluffy cat hat. His musical roots can be traced back to 2006 with original productions on Newgrounds, and now just a few years later, is one of the most sought after high tempo acts on the east coast. Taking influence from alternative, metal, classical, rap and pop, UK Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Freeform, and Experimental Bass Music. ChaoticStyle has carved out a name for fast, heart pumping sounds with emotional overtones. In recent years he has been featured on many underground dance parties and festivals all over the Eastern US! The “Kid with a Cat Hat” is a huge lover of Anime and Japanese culture and he can not wait to be a part of Tekko 2018!

Listen to his Tekko 2018 submission here

Check out the rest of his stuff on SoundcCoud


A bass demon that has brought an eternal onslaught of heavy bass music onto Pittsburgh for the past decade.

Listen to his Tekko 2018 submissions here and here.

Artist Links:


TRicKLe, though he’s a fresh face in the world of electronic music, has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Based out of the quiet suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA he has honed the skill of pushing the limits of Hardcore, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass. With precious experience playing various Underground shows, festivals, and even Anthrocon. TRicKLe is very excited to make Tekko 2018 his first ever anime convention and being a lover of all things JAPAN, this has been long due.

Listen to his Tekko 2018 submission here

Artist Links:


Ryan Huntermark is a Bass Music producer and DJ based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and a Resident DJ of 1337 Pittsburgh. Originally from outside of Washington D.C., he moved to the Pittsburgh Area at ten years old. With an early influence from alternative music, Huntermark began his music career at fourteen, He got his start as a bassist in a local punk band, but at the age of seventeen years he fell in love with Electronic Music, and proceeded to form the next step in his musical evolution. Sharing the stage with other artists such as Slander, Dombresky, Lord Swan3x, and Rekoil to name a few, This young producer is just beginning his conquest of Electronic Music. Drawing on influences from artists such as JVST SAY YES, Tchami, and Ephwurd. Huntermark drops everything from Bass House to Future Bass and Trap, and with a background in traditional musical instruments, it’s no surprise that he never misses a beat. He has been seen all over the North East of The United States, and no matter where you are, Huntermark is always a pleasure to listen to.

Listen to his Tekko 2018 submission here

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Dance Competition

One of a kind on the US convention circuit, the 2018 Tekko Dance Competition gives individuals and groups a chance to show off their skills in front of a crowd. If you love to dance, enjoy performing with your friends, or are driven by your desire to share one of your favorite artists with the world, this competition is for you!


You must have a valid Tekko 2018 badge in order to participate in the dance competition. Eligible badge types include General Admission, Premium, and Rock Star badges.  Preregistration for Tekko 2018  is recommended as it will save you time (and money) at the door the day of the competition.

An individual may only participate in one act in each year’s Dance Competition.

A group may consist of as many as six (6) people.

Applications must be sent in by no later than Wednesday, January 31st.

Applications are now closed.

How to Enter

Qualifying Round

Please take a moment to read both documents linked below, as one is focused on your audition, and the other on your requested song to perform at the convention for the competition.

Information regarding the qualifying round and associated rules can be found here.
Information regarding performance song selections and associated rules/ policies can be found here.

Competing at Tekko

A mandatory 60 minute rehearsal is scheduled for Friday of the convention. (Specific time TBA to entrants.) During this rehearsal, the order of performances will be decided, competitors will learn the location of stage entrances, exits, and changing facilities, and contestants will be able to practice their songs, time permitting. If you or your group fail to attend the rehearsal, you will not be permitted to perform in the actual competition.

The 2018 Tekko Dance Competition will take place live on the Main Stage at Tekko Friday night. (Exact time TBA.)


Entries are judged using a points-based scoring system. Point totals will not be announced at the competition or otherwise made public, but upon request, individuals and groups will have access to their final scores as averaged between the judges. Returning again, this year’s judges will be members of the dance group Jump Ship! (Please make sure to check them out on Facebook and YouTube, as well as at other panels and shows they host during Tekko!)

Additional information regarding scoring specifics can be found here.


Prizes for 2018 will be similar to last year. This year we will be awarding contestants a variety of Jpop and Kpop merchandise! This will allow us to offer even more to our winners, and we think all participants will enjoy the results!

External Resources

Are you eager to get started but not sure where to begin? We’ve compiled a collection of YouTube channels of Japanese recording artists and other artists releasing in Japan, located here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the dance competition, please feel free to email We’d love to hear from you!

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