Bring your best dance moves to Tekko!

Dance Party

Join the Tekko family on Saturday night of Tekko 2019 for our annual Dance Party which will be bigger and better than ever!  Enjoy yourself by dancing the night away to the coolest music from Japan and abroad. So grab your glow sticks and party the night away with us.

Dance Party Rules

Dance Rules
All items are prohibited in the dance with the following exceptions:
– Small bags no larger than 8” X 4” X 4”
– Dance/Flow Items
o Approved items include:
 Light whips (Ribbon Consistency)
 Poi (swinging balls)
 Hula Hoops
 Others will be approved on a case by case basis
o Flow props must be made of plastic or similar materials and may not be made of glass or

– Smaller props less the 3 ft in length
– If any of these items are brought in, they are subject to search by a member of PittJCS Security
Staff at Staff’s discretion
Prohibited items include water bottles, backpacks, larger bags, etc. If you have a large bag, please take
it to Bag Check or leave it in your hotel room and/or vehicle.
Any prop/flow items must be handled responsibly with other attendee’s safety in mind. Be mindful of
people around you while dancing.
Costumes that are unable to reasonably fit through the ballroom door are prohibited in the dance.
PittJCS will not hold, watch, or in any way assume responsibility for any items left in and around the
A badge must be displayed at all times.
Intoxicated persons will be escorted out of the event.
Footwear is required at all times.
No laying down or sleeping.
No standing on furniture or fixtures.
Access to the stage or to backstage is prohibited.
No photography during concerts unless explicitly permitted.

Dance Competition

One of a kind on the US convention circuit, the Tekko Dance Competition gives individuals and groups a chance to show off their skills in front of a crowd. If you love to dance, enjoy performing with your friends, or are driven by your desire to share one of your favorite artists with the world, this competition is for you!

Classic Dance Competition


You must have a valid Tekko 2019 badge in order to participate in the dance competition.  Eligible badge types include General Admission, Premium, and Rock Star badges.  Preregistration for Tekko 2019  is recommended as it will save you time (and money) at the door the day of the competition.  We will be checking that all of the names of our competitors are in our registration database by the time of the competition rehearsal.

Applications must be sent in by no later than Thursday, January 31st.

How to Enter

Qualifying Round

Please take a moment to read both documents linked below, as one is focused on your audition, and the other on your requested song to perform at the convention for the competition.

Information regarding all rules/policies regarding the Qualifying Round, performance song selections, eligibility, and responsibilities of performers can be found HERE.

Competing at Tekko

A mandatory 60 minute rehearsal is scheduled for Friday of the convention. (Specific time TBA to entrants.) During this rehearsal, the order of performances will be decided, competitors will learn the location of stage entrances, exits, and changing facilities, and contestants will be able to practice their songs, time permitting. If you or your group fail to attend the rehearsal, you will not be permitted to perform in the actual competition.

The 2019 Tekko Dance Competition will take place live on the Main Stage at Tekko Friday night. (Exact time TBA.)


Entries are judged using a points-based scoring system. Point totals will not be announced at the competition or otherwise made public, but upon request, individuals and groups will have access to their final scores as averaged between the judges. Returning again, this year’s judges will be members of the dance group Jump Ship!  In addition, we have special guest Ky (KYoMicA27) here to act as a guest judge for 2019’s competition.

Additional information regarding scoring specifics can be found here.

Tekko Idol Festival

Idols and idol fans rejoice!  The Tekko Idol Festival is your chance to come out and perform for an audience of your fellow Jpop fans.  This showcase is for those who love to do song and dance covers of Jpop songs along with those who have their own original Idol music and personas.  Whether you be a fan of Perfume, LoveLive!, or Hello!Project groups, this festival is for you.

Kpop Cover Festival

How much do you love Kpop?  Show us your skill and passion at the Kpop Cover Festival!  Performers can bring song and dance covers to the stage for all of our Kpop-loving attendees.  We’ll have several special guests attending this year to watch, so bring your best!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the dance competition, please feel free to email We’d love to hear from you!