Artist Alley

 Artist Alley 2018 Applications are now Closed!

“Please keep in mind that our AA fills very quickly, thus it is not available once it is full. Be sure you have your information ready to apply if you are interested in being part of the 2018 Artist Alley!

We no longer require Artists to show proof of a tax license. This does not mean you should not file taxes, however, we are no longer requiring that you show us proof that you are registered with a PA tax ID.

You may request 1 or 2 tables. 1 table is $75, 2 tables are $150

We look forward to seeing all the applications, and please be sure to read over the rules if you are interested in applying.

If your question is not answered below, please feel free to email and we will get back to you.


2018 Artist Alley Rules

These rules supersede and take precedence over any existing Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society Artist Alley rules, as well as any forum or email advice. Artists assume full responsibility for reading these rules in full and, by submitting an application for a table in the 2018 Alley, agree to be legally bound by them.
Questions regarding the rules can be directed to

The text of these rules is copyright 2018 Pittsburgh JCS INC. All rights reserved. These rules may not be re-appropriated or duplicated in whole or in part without express, written permission from Pittsburgh JCS INC.

The “Artist” as defined in these rules refers in specific instances to the person purchasing the space in which to sell their artwork, commonly referred to as a “table.” This individual is the primary party responsible for payment, table management, and is the sole contact that the Artists’ Alley Department Supervisor (AADS) will email, regardless of how many members are in the studio the “Artist” is representing, or if the “Artist” is sharing a table with another. This person is responsible for making sure that all artwork sold and displayed at his/her table meets all the guidelines established in these rules, that everyone working at his/her table adheres to the rules, and is liable for any issues that may arise.

  1. All standard Tekko 2018 rules apply within Artists’ Alley. Those rules can be found here:
  2. All Artists must be at least eighteen (18) years old as of January 1st at Noon.
    1. Table Assistants [those that are helping to sell the Artist’s artwork at the table, but not displaying their own artwork] must be at least sixteen (16) years old.
    2. All tables that are employing minors as Table Assistants [those under the age of eighteen (18), according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania] may NOT allow said minors to sell Mature (18+) artwork.
  3. All Artists and Table Assistants must be registered for the 2018 convention prior to showing up to set up their table and product to sell in April. Refer to our registration page on our website about badge purchase deadlines.
  4. Members of Staff, those selling in the Dealers’ Room, and Guests of Tekko may not sell in Artists’ Alley, except on a case-by-case basis. This is at the discretion of the AADS with PittJCS Board members.
  5. There may be up to five (5) people registered to one table, including the Artist. This means you may have four (4) assistants to your table.
    1. There may be no more than two (2) people behind the table at any time.
    2. Those registered to the table MUST have their own badge [to be worn visibly at all times]. No badge sharing, no exceptions.
  6. Artists will be assigned one (1) six foot by thirty inch (6’30’’) table and two (2) chairs only.
    1. Artists may request two (2) tables on their application.
    2. Tables may not be moved from their pre-arranged layout (ex. 2 friends cannot apply for 2 separate tables and push them together if they are assigned next to each other).
    3. Artists that wish to utilize their table space in an alternative manner [using clothing racks, cut out displays, etc.] must make arrangements prior to the start of the Convention. There will be opportunities before the final table layout is sent to make such arrangements.
    4. Artists may not use or switch other tables that were not assigned to them by the AADS.
    5. Displays must be sturdy and cannot extend into another Artist’s table space [which includes hanging artwork off the backs/sides of the tables], walkways, etc. Doors cannot be blocked under any circumstance.
    6. Nothing may be hung on any walls or stapled onto the tables.
    7. Artists will be asked to make adjustments to their displays if they are in violation.
  7. The room where Artists’ Alley resides must be left in a “broom clean” condition during the duration of the Convention. Any Artist or Table Assistant that leaves an extraordinary amount of trash will have their next application for any Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society (PittJCS) event rejected.
  8. Proxy selling is NOT permitted. Any product being sold in the Artists’ Alley must be your own, you cannot sell on another Artist’s behalf.
    1. The only exception to this rule is if you are from the same studio as the Artist and they cannot make it to the convention. You must let the AADS know of this before the convention starts so that there is no confusion.
    2. If you and another Artist in the Alley have collaborated on more than 20% of the pieces they are selling, you must be selling at the same table.
  9. Artists that fail to show up to the Convention by Friday evening at 7pm will forfeit their table. Please make all proper arrangements prior to the Convention to be on time. If there are any emergencies that come up, please email ASAP to let the AADS know.
  10. Artists and/or a Table Assistant must be present during all of the Artists’ Alley operating hours.
    1. If you are unable to have someone at your table watching over it, please make sure you have something covering it. Artist Alley and Tekko Staff are not responsible for watching your table if you cannot be present once operating hours start.
  11. All work sold in Artists’ Alley must be the Artist’s own original/creative artwork that has artistic merit.
    1. Commercial, Resale, Bootleg, “Pseudo-merchandise” [items using official logos or are designed to look similar to official merchandise], items copied by ANY means [electronically, free-hand/sight drawing, tracing, vectoring, etc.] in ANY medium [print, writing, textile, sculpture, etc.] from artwork/merchandise that you DO NOT own the rights to is prohibited.
    2. Fan Art [art that uses another person’s/studio’s/company’s characters/settings/themes, etc.] is permitted, as long as it meets all other requirements stated above for Original art.
    3. Reconstructed Art is permitted in small quantities on a case-by-case basis. Reconstructed Art is defined as art is that created by using pre-existing merchandise to create an entirely new item. These items must display considerable time and skill put into the construction of the item.
      1. Examples that would be considered acceptable – a Gothic and Lolita dress made out of licensed PikachuTM fabric; a purse made out of Yu-Gi-OhTM cards.
      2. Examples that would be considered unacceptable – a bandana made out of licensed PikachuTM fabric; a purse covered in Yu-Gi-OhTM stickers.
    4. Claiming another Artist’s/company’s work as your own will NOT be tolerated.
      1. The first offense will result in a warning and a request for removal of any offending items.
      2. The second offense, or the failure to remove the offending items, will result in the immediate rejection from the 2018 Tekko Artists’ Alley without a refund and a ban up to two (2) years from any PittJCS Artists’ Alley and Dealers’ Room events.
    5. Mature (18+) Artwork is illegal to sell to minors [persons under the age of eighteen (18), according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania].
      1. Mature (18+) Artwork is defined as pieces of artwork displaying graphic/excessive violence/gore, nudity, explicitly sexual acts, and any other material that is deemed unsuitable for minors.
      2. Mature (18+) Artwork cannot be a part of the Artist’s main display. All Mature (18+) Artwork must be kept in a separate, clearly marked, binder/box/etc.
      3. Artists must card ALL customers wishing to view and/or purchase Mature (18+) Artwork; they must present a valid ID that displays their photo and birthdate. Artists reserve the right to deny any sale they feel uncomfortable with.
      4. “Shotacon” and “Lolicon” are expressly forbidden. It is acknowledged that age is subjective and hard to define in art. However, any and all Mature (18+) artwork must feature characters that either appear to be physically mature or are known canonically to be over eighteen (18) years old [by its original content creators].
      5. Artists must use their own discretion when putting together their Mature (18+) Artwork portfolios. The AADS’s decision is final on any matter when determining if a questionable piece is Mature (18+).
  12. Due to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), all plush and any other items that could be construed as a child’s toy must be sold as a collectible to attendees aged thirteen (13) and up. More information regarding this can be found on the official website–Standards/Statutes/The-Consumer-Product-Safety-Improvement-Act/
  13. Artists assume full responsibility and liability for all items they sell. This includes, but is not limited to, the legality of any items including copyright/trademark infringement, the durability of all items, or any contracts made with customers (including any failures to follow through with commissions) made at Tekko. PittJCS Inc. makes no guarantees and assumes no responsibilities for legal action, theft, loss, or damages that may occur during their participation in the 2018 Artists’ Alley.
  14. If you are unable to attend Tekko 2018 after you were accepted into our Alley and paid for your table space/badge, you may request a refund. Please note the refund only covers what you paid for the table, badges are not included. Please email regarding a refund and we will proceed from there.
    1. You may not forfeit your table to another artist if you cannot make it to the convention. The table will go to the next person on our waitlist until it is filled. If you try circumventing this rule, you are subject to having your application for the next event you apply to being rejected.
  15. Additions and revisions to the Official Artists’ Alley rules may be made without notification at any time, up to and during the Convention.
    1. Failure to follow any rule and any reasonable requests made by Staff will result in removal from the 2018 Artists’ Alley without a refund.
    2. AADS’s decisions are final.
Refund Policy

All refunds are at the discretion of the Artist Alley Supervisor and any member of staff they wish to discuss it with. The Artist Alley Supervisor understands that emergencies could potentially happen closer to show-time. Should this occur, the amount refunded will be discussed with the Director of Sales and will be at both party’s discretion.
If you request a refund, please allow a few weeks’ time for it to be processed.

– Before January 31st, 2018 = 100% Refund

– Between February 1st – March 1st, 2018 = 50% Refund

– Between March 2nd – March 15th, 2018 = 25% Refund

– After March 16th, 2018 = No Refunds

– Refunds only include the table; badges cannot be reimbursed. However, you may transfer your badge to another person. To do so, you must email your information and who you wish to transfer it to. Check our website for deadlines on doing that before emailing. Be sure to include the email that was used to pay for the badge and the confirmation number!


Tekko 2018 Vendors Applications are now Closed!

Booth Rates

Booth rates for Tekko 2018 will decrease based on the number of booth spaces purchased. Each booth space is 10 x 10 and includes one folding table, two chairs, one garbage pail, and a black & white sign with your name.

New for Tekko 2018 is a discount to vendors who pay by check. Vendors paying by check will receive a 5% discount on the cost of their booth(s). All vendors must still submit their signed contract and payment within 30 days of their acceptance email.

Electricity, telephony, & internet service is NOT included and must be requested separately after your application has been approved, these costs are determined by the convention center and may vary.

Number of Booths Price (by check) Price (by Paypal)
One Booth $450 $472.50
Two Booths $850 $892.50
Three Booths $1,200 $1,260
Four Booths $1,500 $1,575
Each Additional Booth (after four) $100 Each $105 Each

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to pull out of a Vendor Booth? Will I receive a refund?

Exhibitors will receive a full refund of booth fees for booths canceled before February 9th, 2018, and a refund of half the booth fees for booths canceled before March 9th, 2018. After that date, no refunds will be given for canceled booths. Please allow six to eight weeks for Pittsburgh JCS Inc. to process refunds.

How many badges will I receive for free as a Tekko 2018 Vendor?

Exhibitors will be supplied with two (2) Exhibitor badges for the first booth purchased and one (1) Exhibitor badge for each booth beyond the first, to a maximum of six (6) badges for any one Exhibitor.

Will I be allowed to sell any food products at Tekko 2018?

No, the sale of food or beverages is specifically prohibited unless you receive the express written consent of the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society

How will I know my application was accepted?

You will receive an E-mail from our Vendor Liaison stating that your application was accepted. The email will include a contract to be signed and returned.

I received an E-mail stating that my submission was received does that mean I was accepted?

No. That means we have received your application and it is being reviewed.

Will I be able to pay for my booth space via credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card through Paypal. Payments through credit card do not receive the 5% discount.

I was accepted as a vendor and I do not like the booth space I was assigned!

Unfortunately we cannot move your space, a lot of time and energy goes into creating the Exhibition Hall layout and we do not have the resources to make changes to the layout once it is finalized

What happens if I do not submit my signed contract and payment within thirty (30) days of it being sent me?

Your application is void which means you will need to reapply.

If your question is not answered below, please feel free to email and we will get back to you.

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