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Artist Alley

Tekko 2019 Artist Alley applications are now CLOSED.

If you have any questions or inquiries please email artists@teamtekko.us

2019 Artist Alley Rules

The following is an abbreviated list of Tekko Artist Alley rules and miscellaneous information to give any potential Artists an idea of how our Artist Alley is run. All Artists will receive a full set of rules with our information packet once they are formally accepted.

  • All standard Tekko rules apply within Artists’ Alley. Those rules can be found here: http://www.teamtekko.net/rules/
  • All Artists must be 18 years old or older as of January 1st, 2019 to be able to sell within Artist Alley in April. Table assistants must be 16 years old or older to be able to help at the tables.
  • A tax license is not needed to be shown for signing up/participating in our Artist Alley. It’s an Artist’s own responsibility to obtain a license and file appropriate taxes with Pennsylvania after the show ends (see more info on how to here: https://revenue-pa.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/212 ).
  • Artists and their assistants must purchase their badges before the convention begins during our pre-registration time periods. Badges are NOT included in a table purchase.
  • Artists can have up to 4 assistants to their tablespace, for a total of 5 persons. 2 tables are not allotted extra assistants. Every person must have their own badge (badge sharing is expressly prohibited).
  • Tables are 8ft long, Artists may request 1 or 2 on their applications. Artists may use clothing racks/photo-stands/etc within their tablespace but must make prior arrangements before the convention starts to utilize them. Displays must be sturdy, be no more than 10ft tall from the floor, and not impede on another Artist’s tablespace (which does include hanging prints on the sides of your displays, displays covering another Artist’s booth, blocking walkways, etc). Any displays that are in violation will be asked to be adjusted.
  • Proxy selling is NOT permitted, you CANNOT sell merchandise on another Artist’s behalf. If you and another Artist collaborated on any merchandise together, you must apply together on the application and subsequently be selling at the same table(s) if accepted.
  • Artists that fail to arrive and set up by 7pm on Friday of the convention will be subjected to forfeiting their tablespace without refund. Please email the AAS of any travel changes/emergencies that will keep you from being on time. With no notification, you are subjected to forfeiting your tablespace without refund if you are late.
  • All work sold within the Artist Alley must have artistic merit and be YOUR OWN works. Anything resembling bootlegs, official merchandise, copying another Artist’s work, anything traced/eyeball copied, etc is expressly prohibited. Splatter Art and Perler Bead art are only accepted if they are made from scratch and in no way copy any official works/another Artist. Fan art is OK to sell, but must follow any other rules regarding art. Artists must research what IPs are “ok” to sell and must be compliant with staff if we ask you to remove any offending items that are a no-go (Sanrio, RoosterTeeth, StudioMDHR, to name a few). Reconstructed art is also OK to sell but must show considerable time and skill in creating the items to qualify as being sellable (example – official Pokémon stickers stuck to a notebook cover would not be accepted).
  • Mature (+18) art can be sold but is not allowed to be a part of an Artists main display (we are a family friendly event!). Customers must be ID’ed before purchasing anything Mature (+18), all works need to be in a clearly marked bin/binder. Artists reserve the right to deny any sales they are not comfortable in completing. It is illegal to sell Mature (+18) art to minors under any circumstance. Shotacon and Lollicon related artworks are forbidden to sell in our Artist Alley, no exceptions.
  • Any Artist that sells cosmetics of any kind must follow the FDA guidelines in regard to labelling and product used to create your cosmetics (https://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/Regulations/ucm126444.htm)
  • All Artists will be solely responsible for the durability/legalities of anything they sell at their tablespace. Tekko/PittJCS will not be held accountable for any issues that arise between Artists and their customers.
  • Please see the next tabbed area on this page regarding our refund policy! Artists may opt out of their acceptance at any time prior to purchasing their tablespace. Artists that fail to purchase their tablespace on time forfeit their space for that year.
Table Refund Policy

Our refund policy is as follows if an Artist can no longer attend Tekko once they paid for their tablespace:

  • The tablespace in question will be offered to the next person on the waitlist until it is filled. If there is a no show at the start of the convention, it will be offered on a first come-first serve basis to any person interested (who must pay cash for it and sign a contract upon payment). Artists are not able to transfer their tables to a future event and must formally apply for said event. Artists may not transfer their tablespace to another Artist UNLESS they work within the same studio. There will be no exceptions to this, regardless of situation.
  • Badges are nonrefundable per our Registration page but it may be transferred to another person before April 2019
  • From November 1st, 2018 to January 31st, 2019 – 100% of the table purchase will be refunded
  • From February 1st, 2019 to March 1st, 2019 – 50% of the table purchase will be refunded
  • From March 2nd, 2019 to March 23rd, 2019 – No refund will be issued


Tekko 2019 Vendor Applications are now CLOSED.

Please forward any questions to Vendors@teamtekko.us