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Fire Lily Cosplay

Fire Lily is a veteran craftsman who has been cosplaying since 2004.  She has made over 120 costumes to date and has won numerous Best In Show and Best Overall awards for her quality and attention to detail in her craftsmanship.  Fire Lily has been a cosplay judge, panelist, and guest at Otakon, AnimeUSA, Anime Mid-Atlantic, Tekko, T-Mode, and has served as Head Judge for Katsucon’s Masquerade since 2010.  When she isn’t making costumes, she loves playing video games, reading, and binge-watching her favorite shows.  She is very excited to share her knowledge and experience this year at Tekko!

Indra Rojas

Indra Rojas is an artist and cosplayer who, for many years, has worked behind-the-scenes in the cosplay community. A few years ago, she was part of the cast for Syfy’s television series “Heroes Of Cosplay”, and was the first U.S representative in China’s International Cartoon and Animation Festival (CICAF). More recently, she began working with Cosplay Fabrics to bring cosplay focused fabrics across the globe, as well as became the official manager and coordinator for both CICAF and ICL international cosplay competitions.

Her professional work includes costuming and makeup artistry for theme parks, theater productions, and video game companies, as well as working independently for her own costuming and art business.

Through cosplay, Indra has been able to travel the world and share her passion for geek culture, as well as push to be a positive and inspirational force in the community. 

SITE: www.indrarojas.com

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/FantasyNinja

TWITTER: @TheFantasyNinja

INSTAGRAM: @indra_rojas

Jez Roth

Jez Roth started sewing at the age of 13 on small crafts at a local dance studio before falling in love with the art of cosplay at Katsucon 1998.

After many years of competing at convention masquerades, winning Best in Show with tailored costumes and heavily choreographed skits on 16 separate occasions, Jez moved to Las Vegas to work for The Venetian designing opera gowns. Before long he found himself building costumes for Cirque du Soleil’s Water Spectacular. Since leaving Cirque, Jez freelances out of his own studio – creating everything from mermaids that shoot water, Mirrorball Men, and Golden Fairies that contort through the air. Aside from costuming, Jez has also designed for events with A-list celebrities such as; Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Snoop Dogg, and DJs such as Benny Benassi and Dash Berlin – his jewelry has even been worn on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards.

He has represented the United States at the IOEA Otaku Expo in Japan as a Cosplay Guest and in Canada to choose the Canadian World Cosplay Summit representative for 2016. He believes that the world of costuming is an endlessly fascinating pursuit—from armor to gowns, giant puppetry to monsters. He shares unique events that educate and involve the community (Lip Sync For Your Cosplay) and has restructured and organized cosplay events for conventions in his goal to make the competition scene more mainstream.

His artistic journey came full circle in 2015 when he was hired as an Artistic Consultant for the One Piece: Gold film, working with Toei Animation to give their film a fully realized Las Vegas feel.

Jez will be hosting, “The Evolution of Cirque du Cosplay’s costuming and Kaleidostar feature” and “I AM JEZ ROTH aka How to survive as a freelance designer.” Also, stay tuned for additional information on, “Lip Sync For Your Cosplay”.


From Maryland, DizzyLizzy is no stranger to the world of Costuming. For over 20 years, she has been creating costumes for herself and others. During those years, Lizzy has been awarded several Best in Shows for her craftsmanship and performance skills. When she is not creating costumes, you can find Lizzy still behind her sewing machine creating Bridal gowns for K&B Bridals. Lizzy believes in Cos-Positivity and stays active in the community by hosting workshops, judging, running Cosplay Departments such as Zenkaikon and AnimeNEXT, and being the curator of The Magic of Cosplay Exhibit. She is very excited to be attending Tekko this year and looks forward to meeting everyone!  Flynn Lives!

FB: @DizzyLizzyCostuming

Insta: @DizzyLizzyCosp

Minjee Kay Cosplay

Making her first cosplay for Ohayocon 2013, Minjee hasn’t stopped obsessively sewing for five years! She has been involved in the Pittsburgh cosplay scene for about three years and won Tekko’s Best in Show in 2015. Along the way she’s made many wonderful friends through cosplay. She’s currently a Costume Production MFA student at CMU and is always working to improve her craft.
Photo by Paper Mash Photography

Steve Rudzinski

Steve Rudzinski has two halves to his life. The first is being a film director whose credits include the tokusatsu Super Task Force One, the family comedy Meowy Christmas, and the multi-award winning slasher film CarousHELL which will be getting its world wide release in 2018. The other half for Steve is also working as Marvel’s official Spider-Man for all of the meet n’ greets & stage shows, making children smile over the entire world!

On the side Steve enjoys cosplaying from time to time. Between his entertainment life and his spandex wearing life, Steve has plenty of hands on experience when it comes to costuming. He is excited to put some of this experience to work to judge a contest again at his very first Tekko!

To check out Steve’s film work head over to www.SilverSpotlightFilms.com & facebook.com/SilverSpotlightFilms. To check out how he looks in spandex, head over to facebook.com/TheAmazingSpiderSteve!

April 7-11 2019