Tekko Flea Market

Time: Sunday, April 14th, 10 AM – 2:30 PM
Location: Hall A
(Requires Tekko badge to enter)

Seller Set Up Time: 9 AM – 10 AM 
Cost To Sell: $8.
-Sellers will sign a waiver, and pay for their tablespace at door.

-Sellers will be given half of an 8 ft table(shared).
If after 12 pm, other tablespaces are empty, sellers may spread out.
Allowed to be Sold

-Anime Related Merchandise
-Manga and Doujin
-Collectible Card Games
-Pop Figures
-Cosplays & props
-Japanese Pop Culture
-Video Games & Related Merchandise
-Comic Book and Sci-Fi Merchandise

Not Allowed To Be Sold

-Bootleg Merchandise
-Anything 18+
-Art or crafted items(we have an artist ally for that!)
-Food of any kind


*The above lists may not be complete, and staff reserves the right to make the final decision on allowing or not allowing an item to be sold. Because we have a dealers room, with vendors who pay for space, we do not allow dealers of any kind to sell. If you are suspected of being a dealer, you will be removed.

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Tekko Flea Market
April 2 - 5 2020