Each year, PittJCS strives to build strong cross-promotional marketing relationships with outstanding conventions and organizations.

Each partner group is provided with a 6 ft. table, table cloth, table skirt, and 2 chairs in the Exhibition Hall at Tekko. Each group is also entitled to up to four general admission badges to Tekko.  If your convention or organization cannot attend Tekko (or we cannot attend your event), our Field Marketing Team will arrange to swap ad/flyers/social media posts, etc. in exchange for a table.

Visiting conventions and organizations must follow the Tekko Rules and Regulations at all times. Attendees are also expected to comply with the rules of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center as well as all local and state laws.

Any questions or concerns can be forwarded to Alexander at alexander.miller@pittjcs.org

April 2 - 5 2020