Tekko 2016 Prereg Coming Soon!

Tekko 2016 Preregistration will open at the end of May! In the mean time, get your Kennywood Day tickets now!

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The Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society is proud to present our annual Kennywood Day on May 30th, 2015!  at Kennywood Amusement Park! Join us and special guests Charles Dunbar and Nancy Kepner for a day of fun!


General Tekko Kennywood Admission – $27


  • Park Admission to Kennywood, for 35% off the regular Kennywood ticket price!
  • Access to the Tekko pavilion, where paid attendees can leave coolers and wagons while they enjoy the park!
  • A full blown stage filled with Tekko performers and events from 2pm-5pm!
  • Access to fountain drinks and frozen treats at the Tekko pavilion, at the big pavilion number 23!


NancyKepner Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Nancy Kepner writes comedic songs about Otaku and Geek culture. She got her start in 2011 when she performed “The Weeaboo Song” at KuroKiiro Festival. She now has two Albums: “Album for the Weeaboo,” and “Fodder for the Fandoms” available on iTunes and Cdbaby. Her YouTube channel, HeartfeltHumor features some of her live performances as well as two music videos of “The Robot Song,” and “The Rage Quit Song.” So if watching Nancy eat a puppet, smash a cake with an axe, or dress in a giant home-made mecha costume sounds like fun, then you should stop by her little corner of the internet and check them out.






Charles Dunbar is an anthropologist. He studies a lot of things, be it fandom, anime culture, the supernatural or mysterious men in blue boxes. He received his MA in Sociocultural Anthropology in 2011, after utilizing ancient Mayan techniques to hypnotize his department into believing that he was, in fact, the reincarnation of Victor Turner. His thesis, entitled “Pilgrimage, Pageantry and Fan Communities,” was published soon after, and focused on anime convention participation, including stereotyping, spending habits, cosplay and con culture.


Registration FAQ


Q: How do I buy my tickets?

A: In order to buy your Tekko Kennywood Day tickets, please use the Registration form linked above.


Q: How do I pick up my tickets? Will they be mailed to my address?

A: No, tickets will not be mailed. You can pick your tickets up at Kennywood. There will be a special Tekko Will Call registration area, with Tekko Staff, where you can pick your tickets up!


Q: Why can’t I register more than one person?

A: Our system does not allow multiple registrations at once, (we know it’s annoying sorry).


 Q: My friend bought multiple tickets under one registration. Can I pick one of those tickets up? 

A: No only the individual listed can pick up the tickets.


Q: When does preregistration close?

A: May 29th. Register today because the price will go up on May 30th!


Q: What time can we pick up our Tekko Kennywood Day tickets?

A: Kennywood opens at 11 am, so Tekko Day attendees can pick their tickets up from 10:30 am – 3:00 pm.


Q: Do I have to preregister?

A: No! Keep in mind that preregistering is cheaper, at the door it will cost you $29


Q: Can I cosplay at Kennywood?

A: Due to the park’s dress code rules, cosplay will not be allowed.


Q: Does Kennywood have an age requirement?

A: Children under the age of 13 must be with an adult, childcare will not be provided.


Q: What if I need a refund?

A: We will not offer refunds, however transfers can be placed up to 72 hours prior to the event. 


Q: Can I use my ticket on another day?

A: Yes, you can pick up your ticket on the 30th and use it on another day


Q: I pre-ordered a Tekko 2015 T-shirt but forgot to pick it up, can I get it at Kennywood?

A: Yes, you can


Q: What if I own a season pass or buy a Kennywood ticket through a different means? Can I still access the pavilion?

A: Unfortunately if you do not purchase a ticket from Tekko, you will not have access to any of the frozen treats or refreshments provided at the pavilion, but you are invited to visit the pavilion to enjoy the entertainment.  Remember, if you want your attendance counted towards final numbers, only tickets purchased through Tekko count!  


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