Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

Craftsmanship Info & Rules

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged solely on the construction of their costume in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of judges. If you enter Craftsmanship you may also participate in the Walk-On portion of the Masquerade, but it is not required. If you wish to be a Walk-On as well, you do not need to fill out the Walk-On registration form too.

If you have created a costume that will be modeled by someone else, you as the crafter will be the person entering the application, talking to the judges, and eligible for an award.

  1. You must have made the costume you are entering. Commissioned, store-bought or thrifted costumes cannot compete. Most of the costume should be handcrafted from scratch or heavily altered.
  2. Only official designs are welcome to compete. All costumes must be the original source’s designs. Original characters and designs are not permitted.
  3. Please bring reference for your character to your judging appointment. Our judges are familiar with many different characters, but they cannot be expected to remember every detail. This is a reproduction contest, so you will be judged on accuracy in addition to craftsmanship.
  4. You may not enter a costume you have entered for craftsmanship judging at Tekko in the past, regardless of award-winning status, unless you can show you have made significant changes to the costume. 
Divisions - Craftsmanship Contest

Junior:  Participants 15 years of age or younger.

This category is meant to encourage young participants in their crafting skills and get their feet wet. As such, Junior entries must have made most of their own costume. Costumes made by adults for juniors cannot compete at the Junior level and must compete at the skill level of their creator.

Novice:    No more than 1 major* award received

Novices are new to costume making and competing.

Journeyman:  No more than 2 major* awards received

Journeymen have some experience under their belts and have often competed before.

Master:   3 or more major* awards received

Masters are experienced costumers.

Western: Any non-East-Asian costume regardless of experience.

*Major awards are awards such as “Best Of”,”Best In”,”First Place”, “Second Place” and so on.

**Honorable mentions, gag awards and judge’s awards do not count towards your skill level.

Craftsmanship Contest skill levels only take into account awards won on the merit of craftsmanship.

You may compete in a skill level higher than you are actually in, but you may not compete lower than your skill level. We encourage you to challenge yourself!  BE AWARE- Once you win at a certain level you can only compete at that level or higher from then on.

In a group, the skill level of that group is determined by the highest classed skill member of that group. For example, a group of novices with one journeyman must all compete as journeymen.

Registration for the 2018 Craftsmanship Contest is now closed.

Masquerade Contest

Masquerade Info & Rules

The Masquerade is open to Tekko attendees. Staff and guests are not permitted to compete.

You may not enter both Craftsmanship and Performance. Rehearsal conflicts with Craftsmanship judging. You cannot enter in both the Walk-Ons and Performance. You also cannot be in two different performance entries. Stage ninjas/helpers count as performers/entrants.

Since Tekko is a Japanese pop culture convention, costumes must be of Japanese or East-Asian origin, unless you choose to compete in the Western Division or Walk-Ons.

What is the Western Division?  Any entry that is of “western” origin (e.g. Legend of Korra, Borderlands, Disney, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Marvel Comics, Doctor Who etc.) must compete in the Western Division. There will be a limited number of slots dedicated to Western Division participants.

Rules & Requirements

In the Performance Contest, cosplayers will take to the Main Stage and perform in front of a live audience. Performers are not judged on craftsmanship, only overall presentation. You may compete with bought or commissioned costumes. However, being a cosplay masquerade, cosplay is required. No cosplay  = no going onstage.

  1. Since Tekko is a Japanese pop culture convention, your skit must be primarily made of characters that are of Japanese or East-Asian origin,unless you choose to compete in the Western Division. 
  2. Skits have a time limit of 4 minutes. The time it takes for you to get on and off the stage does not count toward your time limit. Your audio track must be within the time limit.
  3. Tekko is an all-ages event and the material in the Masquerade must reflect such. No explicit sexual references, explicit language, gestures or nudity. Make sure your naughty bits are properly covered at all times. All audio must be edited for content.
  4. Pre-recorded music and/or dialogue is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED and PREFERRED. We cannot guarantee more than 1 microphone. You will be asked to submit your audio file via email before the convention.
  5. Masquerade rehearsal is mandatory unless cleared with the coordinator before the convention. The exact time of rehearsal is to be determined.
  6. Stage combat and other more physical things may need approval at rehearsal to ensure the safety of attendees and equipment.
  7. Whatever comes on the stage with you must leave the stage with you. Confetti, silly string, and other “messy” props are prohibited. Your performance must also be limited to the stage area.
  8. You will be required to submit a script of your skit for approval via email before the convention.
Divisions - Masquerade Contest

Novice: No more than 1 major award received Novices are new to performing and competing.

Advanced: 2 or more major awards received. Advanced competitors have some experience under their belts and have often competed or performed on stage before.

Western: Any non-East-Asian skit regardless of experience.

Categories may be changed/combined depending on cosplayer turnout.

Major awards are awards that are considered “Best Of” , “Best In”,”First Place”, “Second Place” and so on. Honorable mentions, gag awards and Judges awards do not count towards your skill level.

You may compete in a skill level higher than you are actually in, but you may not compete lower than your skill level. We encourage you to challenge yourself!  BE AWARE- Once you win at a certain level you can only compete at that level or higher from then on out.

In a group, the skill level of that group is determined by the highest classed skill member of that group. For example, a group of novices with one journeyman must all compete as journeymen.


The Walk-Ons are a non-judged exhibition of cosplayers during the Masquerade. You walk on the stage, pose a few times and that’s it! Perfect for just showing off or getting a taste of what it’s like to be in a Masquerade.

This portion is open to costumes from all genres as well as original designs. You do not have to have made your costume to participate.

You may not be a Walk-On and in a Performance entry.

Walk-Ons do not attend rehearsal.

Registration for walk-ons will be done at con.  Please go to the Cosplay Repair Center to sign up!  There are limited spots available and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Photo Meet-ups

Are you interested in meeting cosplayers from your favorite series, or other attendees with similar interests?  Check out our community-run photo meet-up schedule by long-time community members Jocie Farrell and Mary Jo Mikala Wyatt!

To add a meet-up, select a time and location and add it to the spreadsheet. Editing will be locked shortly before the convention. If you require a change in time or location afterwards, please message !

Shoots must be on the DLLCC property or at Tekko-affiliated hotels–we can’t guarantee permission for anywhere else!  The roof will only be available if the weather behaves, so be sure to have a back-up location if it’s your preferred spot.

Be mindful of other attendees’ traffic–they have the right of way.  If a staff member asks you to move locations, please do so promptly.

Please remember that cosplayers are not their characters and have the right to refuse any pose or photo request.

Schedule a photographer or hand your camera to a friend so you can be sure to get photos for yourself.  It’s also a good idea to have a leader with a loud voice to call out characters, groups, and countdowns to change of poses.

Have fun and don’t forget to share your favorite shots!

The Magic of Cosplay Exhibit

DizzyLizzy is bringing her “Magic of Cosplay Exhibit” to Tekko. For 2018, we have secured a number of beautiful costumes, props, and wigs for your viewing pleasure.  The exhibit will give you a chance to get up close and personal with the creations, but please, No Touching. Don’t worry, we do have some great items that you can touch and a project you can participate in.  We have videos, costume construction books, and a Cos-Positivity question for all to answer. We hope the exhibit will inspire you to get creative!  Our Exhibit staff will be present to answer any and all questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you at the convention.

Would you like to be showcased in this exhibit?  Apply Here!

Cosplay Repair Station

General Info

Hello and Welcome to Cosplay Repair! We are a highly skilled group of Cosplayers here to help you fix your minor costume and prop mishaps. This FREE service is available for all with badges for the convention! Our staff will wear aprons and be stationed in the Cosplay Repair room. We will also have a Cosplay Medic wandering the convention to help with on the spot needs. We have dressing rooms and tables for Wigs, Glues and adhesives, Sewing, as well as a staff knowledgeable in all areas. We are a safe space where you can change outfits and prepare for judging.


  1. Repair only—no construction!
  2. Active repairs only—people not actively repairing costumes will be asked to leave.
  3. The wig station is for brushing out and preparing wigs only–our staff will not cut or style wigs for you.
  4. Only staff can change sewing machine settings (changing needle, thread, etc.)
  5. Attendees may use hot glue unsupervised—all other glues require staff supervision
  6. Supplies may not leave the Cosplay Repair Room (other than bobby and safety pins).
  7. Do not leave items in the Cosplay Repair Room, they will be taken to Con Ops.

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