Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest

Craftsmanship Info & Rules

In the Craftsmanship Contest, cosplayers are judged on the construction and accuracy of their costume in a private, scheduled interview with a panel of experienced judges. Please review the all of the rules below before registering for this competition.

  1. Only handcrafted costumes are allowed to be entered into the Craftsmanship contest. Commissioned, store-bought or thrifted costumes cannot compete. Most of the costume should be handcrafted from scratch or heavily altered.
  2. Please bring reference for your character to your judging appointment. Participants will be judged on accuracy in addition to craftsmanship.
  3. Official designs or “fan art” designs of licensed characters are welcome to compete. Original characters will not be permitted. Art book variations or fan art reinterpretations (ex: gijinka) will be allowed with accompanying reference materials.
  4. Participants may not enter a costume that has been judged in any previous Tekko cosplay contests.
  5. If a costume will be modeled by someone else, the crafter of the costume will be the person who must submit the application, speak to the judges, and will be eligible for a craftsmanship award.
  6. All craftsmanship awards will be presented during the Masquerade event. Attending the Masquerade is HIGHLY encouraged. If the entrant cannot participate for any reason, please notify a judge or staff member during the scheduled judging session.
  7. Please arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. If the participant does not show up on to the time assigned, they will forfeit their right to compete.

Entrants may also participate in the Walk-On portion of the Masquerade, but it is not required.

Divisions - Craftsmanship Contest

Junior:  Participants 15 years of age or younger.

This category is meant to encourage young participants to develop their crafting skills. As such, Junior entries must have made most of their own costume. Costumes made by adults for juniors cannot compete at the Junior level and must compete at the skill level of their creator.

Novice:    No more than 1 major* award received

Novices are new to costume making and competing.

Journeyman:  No more than 2 major* awards received

Journeymen have some experience under their belts and have often competed before.

Master:   3 or more major* awards received

Masters are experienced costumers.


*Major award examples are: “Best Of…”,”Best In…”, ”First Place”, “Second Place” and so on.

**Judges awards do not count towards the participant’s skill level.

Craftsmanship Contest skill levels only take into account awards won on the merit of craftsmanship.

Participants may compete in a skill level higher than they are actually in, but may not compete lower level. We encourage entrants to challenge themselves! However, once the participant wins an award at a certain level, they can only compete at that level or higher from then on.

In a group, the skill level of that group is determined by the highest classed skill member of that group. For example, a group of Novices with one Journeyman must all compete as Journeymen.

Craftmanship Contest registration is now closed.

Craftsmanship Judges

Noire’s Cosplay

Noire has been creating costumes and competing since 2006. During her cosplay journey she has won numerous craftsmanship awards including Best In Show at Tekko 2010 and finished in the top 20 at the North American Final Fantasy XIV FanFest in 2016. Noire’s attention to detail has allowed her to be a craftsmanship judge at multiple conventions on the East Coast. She is a huge Yuri on Ice fan and wants to make as many costumes from the show as she can. In her free time, she is an accomplished equestrian and is always with horses when she is not in her sewing room.

Facebook –

Photo by Sarah Moon Cosplays

DizzyLizzy Costuming

From Maryland, DizzyLizzy is no stranger to the world of Costuming. For over 20 years, she has been creating costumes for herself and others. During those years, Lizzy has been awarded several Best in Shows for her workmanship and performance skills. When she is not creating costumes, you can find her still behind her sewing machine creating bridal gowns for K&B Bridals. Lizzy believes in Cos-Positivity and stays active in the community by hosting workshops, judging, running Cosplay Departments such as Katsucon, Zenkaikon and AnimeNEXT, and being the curator of The Magic of Cosplay Exhibit. She is very excited to be attending Tekko this year and looks forward to meeting everyone! (Flynn Lives!)



Bio photo by  Elemental Photography

Back of Beyond Cosplay

Back of Beyond Cosplay has been sewing costumes since 2011. In that time she has competed across the Midwest and won multiple awards and Best in Show at Youmacon 2017.

Back of Beyond is a big fan of Final Fantasy XIV, and is slowing working her way through making as many pieces from the game irl. When not rhinestoning, ruffling, or raiding- she loves reading and working with whatever creative medium she can.


Bio photo by Starry Ary Photography

Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition Sponsor

Tekko is pleased to announce our 2019 Cosplay Craftsmanship Competition Sponsor, Arda Wigs !

Founded in 2008, Arda’s mission was to give cosplayers the highest quality, most realistic, and easy to style wigs for a great price. They’ve certainly conquered that goal with over 50 styles and 80 blended colors!

Arda’s Youtube channel features easy to understand tutorials to help beginners to masters alike get the perfect style.

Follow them on social media for wig suggestions for all the most popular series–and place your orders now to get your wig shipped to arrive in your hands before Tekko!

Masquerade Contest

Masquerade Info & Rules

The Masquerade is open to Tekko attendees. Staff and guests are not permitted to compete.

You may not enter both Craftsmanship and Performance. Rehearsal conflicts with Craftsmanship judging. You cannot enter in both the Walk-Ons and Performance. You also cannot be in two different performance entries. Stage ninjas/helpers count as performers/entrants.

Rules & Requirements

In the Performance Contest, cosplayers will take to the Main Stage and perform in front of a live audience. Performers are not judged on craftsmanship, only overall presentation. You may compete with bought or commissioned costumes. However, being a cosplay masquerade, cosplay is required. No cosplay  = no going onstage.

  1. Skits have a time limit of 4 minutes. The time it takes for you to get on and off the stage does not count toward your time limit. Your audio track must be within the time limit.
  2. Tekko is an all-ages event and the material in the Masquerade must reflect such. No explicit sexual references, explicit language, gestures or nudity. Make sure your naughty bits are properly covered at all times. All audio must be edited for content.
  3. Pre-recorded music and/or dialogue is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED and PREFERRED. We cannot guarantee more than 1 microphone. You will be asked to submit your audio file via email before the convention.
  4. Masquerade rehearsal is mandatory unless cleared with the coordinator before the convention. The exact time of rehearsal is to be determined.
  5. Stage combat and other more physical things may need approval at rehearsal to ensure the safety of attendees and equipment.
  6. Whatever comes on the stage with you must leave the stage with you. Confetti, silly string, and other “messy” props are prohibited. Your performance must also be limited to the stage area.
  7. You will be required to submit a script of your skit for approval via email before the convention.


Divisions - Masquerade Contest

Novice: No more than 1 major award received Novices are new to performing and competing.

Advanced: 2 or more major awards received. Advanced competitors have some experience under their belts and have often competed or performed on stage before.

Categories may be changed/combined depending on cosplayer turnout.

Major awards are awards that are considered “Best Of” , “Best In”,”First Place”, “Second Place” and so on. Honorable mentions, gag awards and Judges awards do not count towards your skill level.

You may compete in a skill level higher than you are actually in, but you may not compete lower than your skill level. We encourage you to challenge yourself!  BE AWARE- Once you win at a certain level you can only compete at that level or higher from then on out.

In a group, the skill level of that group is determined by the highest classed skill member of that group. For example, a group of novices with one journeyman must all compete as journeymen.


The Walk-Ons are a non-judged exhibition of cosplayers during the Masquerade. You walk on the stage, pose a few times and that’s it! Perfect for just showing off or getting a taste of what it’s like to be in a Masquerade.

This portion is open to costumes from all genres as well as original designs. You do not have to have made your costume to participate.

You may not be a Walk-On and in a Performance entry.

Walk-Ons do not attend rehearsal.

Registration for walk-ons will be done at con.  Please go to the Cosplay Repair Center to sign up!  There are limited spots available and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Masquerade and Performance Emcee

Jez Roth

Cirque du Soleil. Celebrities. One Piece. EDC. Red Carpets.

After many years of competing at anime convention masquerades, winning Best in Show 16 times with tailored costumes and heavily choreographed skits, Jez Roth moved to Las Vegas to work for The Venetian designing the Opera Gowns. Eventually he landed at Cirque du Soleil’s water spectacular O building costumes.

Since leaving Cirque, he has worked freelance out of his own studio – creating everything from mermaids that shoot water, to Mirrorball Men, and Golden Fairies that contort through the air. Jez has designed for events with A-list celebrities such as Kim Kardiashian, Eva Langoria, Snoop Dogg, and DJs such as Benny Benassi, and Dash Berlin; his jewelry has even been worn on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards. He has represented the United States at the IOEA Otaku Expo in Japan as a Cosplay Guest, was the head judge in the Official Sailor Moon Masquerade 2018, and also helped choose the Canadian World Cosplay Summit representative for 2016.

He believes that the world of costuming is an endlessly fascinating pursuit-from armor to gowns, giant puppetry to monsters. He shares unique events that educate and involve the community (such as Lip Sync For Your Cosplay and PROJECT: Cosplay!) and has restructured and organized cosplay events for conventions in his goal to make the competition scene more streamlined. His artistic journey came full circle in 2015 when he was hired as an Artistic Consultant for the One Piece: Gold film, working with Toei Animation to give their film a fully realized Las Vegas feel. In 2018 he was hired by Right Stuf Anime to create the Official Brand Costumes for animes Aria and Emma.

TL;DR – Lip Sync for Your Cosplay is here. Beat that mug – get ready to serve!

Facebook – Photo credits to Nerd Caliber / The Portrait Dude

Masquerade Performance Judges

GC-Chan Cosplay

GC-Chan Cosplay is a model, costume designer, cosplayer, and actress. GC-Chan has been an active cosplayer since 2013 and since she’s started she’s conquered new sewing techniques, as well as working with new materials such as EVA foam and Worbla. She’s always willing to answer questions and help new cosplayers level up their cosplay expertise! GC-Chan has been stage acting for 7 years and has performed in many plays such as “Midsummer Nights Dream”, “Henry IV”, “Richard III”, “Much Adu About Nothing”, and “1984”. Not only can she act, but she can also play 7 different instruments!


Bio photo by Cassimonee Photography and Cosplay


Ohio-based Ødfel is an artist, published model and costume creator and has been featured in both digital and retail publications. She tends to dabble in an array of mediums when it comes to crafting from armor, casting, or 3D printing to sewing and embroidery. A convention-goer since 2014, she instantly felt at home. She loves seeing the creativity and soul people bring to their cosplays and is excited to be judging the Masquerade at Tekko this year.


Bio photo by Will Bezio  

Golden Auriel Cosplay

Lacey Barker, aka Golden Auriel, is an award winning cosplayer and costume maker with over 10 years of sewing and costuming experience. A Pittsburgh local, they have most notably worked as a costume designer for Pittsburgh CAPA, and assistant to the costume shop director at Carnegie Mellon. As a cosplayer, Lacey primarily focuses on the art of “crossplay,” and embraces androgyny and gender nonconformity in their costumes and hopes to encourage a new age of gender expression in the cosplay community. They find a lot of enjoyment creating original designs, as well as cosplaying flashy pretty boys, and villainous characters that are typically hated by their respective fandoms. Golden Auriel Cosplay has working on costumes for “The Fairy Queen” and “Little Nemo in Slumberland” and has worked on shows for CMU such as “Into the Woods” and “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and is a classicly trained Soprano and has been performing since they were in elementary school.

They are tremendously excited to be invited to their hometown convention, and look forward to sharing their love for cosplay with everyone!  


Bio Photo by Vagabond Photography

Cosplay Repair Station

You are now entering Hangar Bay 16 aka Cosplay Repair! We are a highly skilled group of Cosplayers and enthusiasts here to help you fix your minor costume and prop mishaps.

This FREE service is available for all with badges to the convention!

You will recognize our staff by their aprons and CRC badges. We will also have a Cosplay Medic wandering the convention to help with on the spot needs.

We have dressing rooms and stations for Wigs, Glues and adhesives, Sewing, general repair and paint. Our staff is knowledgeable in all areas. We are a safe space where you can change outfits, fix items (yes, even your pants for you non-cosplayers!) and prepare for judging. Here are our 8 simple rules.

  1. Repair only—no construction! The only exception is on Thursday night during preview–we will help you finish your cosplay! (5-8:45pm)
  2. Active repairs only—people not actively repairing costumes will politely be asked to leave.
  3. The wig station is for brushing out and preparing wigs only–our staff most likely will not cut your wig for you.
  4. Only staff can change sewing machine settings, change needles or thread, etc. Only Con Mom can touch and use the serger! (just ask)
  5. Attendees may use hot glue unsupervised—all other glues require staff supervision!
  6. Supplies may not leave the Cosplay Repair Center (other than bobby and safety pins or fashion tape).
  7. Do not leave items in the Cosplay Repair Center, they will be taken to Con Ops as lost and found.
  8. Be respectful and courteous to all around you, we do not wish to banish you from Cosplay Repair. 🙂

Magic of Cosplay

The “Magic of Cosplay Exhibit” returns to Tekko!

For 2019, we have secured even more beautiful costumes, props, and wigs for your viewing pleasure.  The exhibit will give you a chance to get up close and personal with the creations, but please, No Touching. Don’t worry, we do have some great items that you can touch and a project you can participate in.  We have videos, costume construction books, and a Cos-Positivity question for all to answer. We hope the exhibit will inspire you to get creative! Our Exhibit staff will be present to answer any and all questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

You can see photos from last year’s Tekko exhibit here:

Would you like to be showcased in this exhibit?


Cosplay Guests

Are you, or do you know someone who would make an amazing cosplay-themed guest at Tekko? Let us know who you want to see and why!