Fashion Show

Tekko 2019 is taking fashion to infinity and beyond with Japanese and J-fashion inspired brands from around the world!

This year’s show will blast off on Friday 4/12 (Time TBD).

Do you have the right stuff to be a model?  Check below for more details.

Tekko 2019 Model Applications are closed as of 11:59pm on 3/14.  All applicants should receive a response by the end of March.
Model Requirements

Models should be 16 years of age or older by date of show.

Models must have a valid Tekko 2019 badge to participate, no exceptions.

Models must attend a fitting either on Thursday night (4/11) or Friday morning (dependent upon brand).  

Models must attend a mandatory rehearsal at 2pm on Friday 4/12.

Models must be available for a hair and makeup appointment between 3pm and 7pm Friday if they require assistance. Models will be emailed detailed information regarding their appointment.

Models must arrive wearing basic foundation or provide their own if a makeup artist is assisting them.

Models may be expected to provide the following:

  • Petticoat(s)
  • Camisole (if wearing a sheer blouse)
  • Hosiery (socks or tights)
  • Shoes
  • Wigs

Models will be notified of any items required at time of model selection.

Model Conduct
Please follow directions given by staff  (brand and PittJCS) at all times.

Please do not be late.

Please do not bring friends, family, etc. to fittings, backstage or elsewhere. We cannot accommodate unauthorized personnel. 

Please do not take photos at fittings and stay focused since we are on a tight schedule. 

Photos may be permitted during show prep, but we ask that you do not post any material prior to the show. This may include spoilers.

Models may not be permitted to eat in or around the clothes. Models may not be able to leave the prep room/green room once they are in their looks.

Please return all items in the condition which you received them, with all packaging intact. Please put everything back into its original packaging! 

Please be courteous to our guests backstage. Please do not approach the guests to ask for photos or autographs. There will be autograph sessions at the con. Please attend autograph sessions to give gifts and receive autographs. 

While your participation in the show is on a volunteer basis, we expect courtesy and professionalism from all of our models. We may withdraw those engaging in misconduct at any time and blacklist them from participating in future fashion shows.
If you have any questions, please email

Intergalactic Gala

Join us in outer space for this year's Lolita Fashion Tea on Sunday 4/14!
This is a ticketed event for Lolita fashion and Ouji enthusiasts.
This is NOT a maid cafe.

We are pleased to host this year’s event once more at the
Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel.  Tea service will be provided by Gryphon’s Tea.
Doors open at 10am.  Event begins at 10:30am
This event is SOLD OUT. Wait list available here.

This year’s event is introducing 3 pricing tiers.  

Star Tier: $50
Galaxy Tier: $75
Cosmos Tier: $100

Please refer to the Pricing section for more information.

All ticket holders will receive a goodie bag featuring small items from our guests and a raffle ticket for the prize drawing.
Attendees will have the opportunity to chat with our guests and pose for group photos.
This event is for Lolita fashion and Ouji.  This is NOT a maid cafe.

Only ticket holders will be permitted entry.

PittJCS reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone not abiding by the stated dress code.  No refunds will be given to those who disregard the dress code.

Please arrive at 10:00 am for check-in.

Do not ask the guests for photographs outside of the designated photo time. No autographs will be given.  Please attend autograph sessions to receive autographs or present gifts.

Please follow the instructions of any PittJCS staff present at the event.

Seating may or may not be assigned.

Anyone disregarding PittJCS rules, bullying others, or ignoring staff instructions may be asked to leave without a refund.

Dress Code

All attendees must wear Lolita fashion or Ouji/Aristocrat. Significant others attending with a Lolita or Ouji may wear formal attire.

We highly encourage tea attendees to wear their favorite piece of Angelic Pretty merchandise.

Replicas of prints are strictly prohibited.

Cosplay is strictly prohibited. This includes Lolita cosplay (i.e. Rozen Maiden, Gosick).

Anyone wearing T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, or other casual attire will not be permitted entry.

If you have questions regarding proper attire, please email

Anyone not abiding by the dress code will be asked to leave.  No refunds will be given.


You’re a Star!

All Star tier attendees to the Intergalactic Gala will receive:

  • Traditional High Tea service from Gryphon’s Tea
  • Lunch by The Renaissance Hotel
  • A gift bag from our guest brands and Tekko staff
  • One raffle ticket

45 available

Welcome to Our Galaxy

All Galaxy tier attendees will receive everything from the Star tier as well as:

  • A Tekko Intergalactic Gala 2019 commemorative tea cup and saucer designed exclusively for the event by Gryphon’s Tea
  • A 1oz sampler of the tea blends served at the event to share with the stars in your life
  • A special Galaxy tier gift set!

45 available

From Cosmos Away 

All Cosmos tier attendees will receive everything from the Star tier as well as:

  • A Tekko Intergalactic Gala 2019 commemorative tea cup, saucer, and teapot designed exclusively for the event by Gryphon’s Tea
  • A 2oz sampler of the tea blends served at the event to share with your home planet
  • A special gift set just for the Cosmos tier!
  • An extra raffle ticket
  • A coord photoshoot with one of our professional photographers during the event
  • A seat at one of our two VIP tables
  • Priority tea and lunch service

20 available


In the event that a Cosmos Tier ticket holder should have both their raffle tickets drawn only the first prize draw will be awarded.

By purchasing a Cosmos Tier ticket you are acknowledging you understand that non-Cosmos friends will not at any point during the event be allowed at the VIP tables. You are welcome to visit them at the general admission seating instead.

Refunds and Transfers
If you aren’t familiar with Lolita fashion and feel you may have purchased your ticket in error, you may request a refund.  We have plenty of people on the wait list who will gladly take your place.
If you have multiple tickets and one of your party can no longer attend, you may transfer a ticket to another friend or family member.
If you have a single ticket and can no longer attend the event, you will receive a refund and your ticket will be relinquished into the wait list pool.
Any questions about refunds and transfers should be emailed to
Wait List Policy

In the event that a ticket becomes available, we will contact the next person on the list (based on time stamp and tier preference) via email. They will have 48 hours to purchase the ticket. If they don’t respond or pass, the ticket goes down the list until a buyer is found.

If a current ticket holder has multiple tickets, they may transfer a ticket to another friend/family member to accompany them to the event.

If a current ticket holder has purchased a single ticket and can no longer attend, it will be relinquished into the wait list pool.

If a current ticket holder receives an upgrade through the wait list, the relinquished ticket will go into the wait list pool.

Tickets purchased through the wait list cannot be transferred.

Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel
107 Sixth Street, Pittsburgh PA 15222

From David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Turn right onto Penn Avenue
Turn right onto Sixth Street
From Doubletree Hotel
Turn left onto Bigelow Square
Turn right onto Sixth Avenue
Turn left onto Liberty Avenue
Turn right onto Sixth Street
Previous Events

2015 – Enchanted Eden at the Doubletree Hotel Pittsburgh 

2016 – Opulent Odyssey at the Omni William Penn Hotel

2017 – Dearly Departed Tea at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel

2018 – The Queen of Hearts’ Garden Party at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel


Fashion Guests

Angelic Pretty

Angelic Pretty, well known Japanese Lolita fashion brand, offers adorable clothing covered in lace, frills, and ribbon like a fairy tale princess everyone dreamed about.

honoka, Angelic Pretty designer, will be making her first international debut at Tekko 2019!

honoka joined Angelic Pretty as a designer trainee in 2013. While working several years as shop staff for Angelic Pretty, she learned merchandise marketing to be a designer. With the knowledge she gained from customer opinion and her design creativity, she is creating cute and dreamy products.

honoka’s most recent designs include Sweet Dreams series, Topping Sugar series, Logo Heart Arrow Accessories series and more!

Please visit or for more information about the brand.

Kira Imai

Kira Imai, well known illustrator is excited to join Tekko 2019!

Kira Imai is a popular illustrator offering works to fashion brand Angelic Pretty and covers of magazines and novels.

She has published several art work collections, such as Hitojihime, Girl’s Kingdom (Studio Parabolica), Girl Student Dazai Osamu + Imai Kira(Rittosha).

Kira Imai’s originality and unique art work fascinates Lolitas around the world!

Visit or for more information.

million $ orchestrA

million $ orchestrA designer Takeru established the brand in 2011.  It proposes the “Street Gothic” style by combining “Gothic,” a symbol of Harajuku culture, and “street fashion.”

In 2016, its pieces were well received at an LA exhibition and at a show in Singapore.  Furthermore, it provided leather boots for Marilyn Manson’s concert outfit, spreading Takeru’s creation beyond the borders of Japan.

Tekko is excited to showcase musical guest Takeru and million $ orchestrA at the Fashion Show on Friday night 4/12.

Visit for more information about the brand.

Lady Sloth

Lady Sloth is an indie Lolita Fashion brand from Poland. They were established in the first half of 2012 and they are really delighted to celebrate their 7th anniversary with us. They aim to make Lolita Fashion more accessible regardless of size, age, or gender. They are always happy to make people feel cute and beautiful.

Katarzyna, Lady Sloth’s designer, loves everything about the process of making new designs, from looking for new amazing fabrics to matching perfect shades of chiffon. She is dreaming about making OTT collections.

Anna, the model and gothic soul of Lady Sloth, believes that everybody deserves to look chic even in their daily outfits. She inspires the Casual Sloth line full of cute and gothic clothes.

For more information about the brand, please visit their website:

Ota-Q Apparel

Callie O is the owner of Ota-Q Apparel, a Harajuku inspired indie brand that focuses on making cute clothing available for all sizes and gender identities! Based off the concept of mixing “otaku” and “cute”, the brand specializes in cute, colorful styles from Menhera to Mahou Kei! She is also one of the co-founders of Kei Club, a brand new kawaii magazine, and a coordinator for the Houston Harajuku Fashion Walk.

Visit for more information.

Lovely Lor

Lovely Lor is a Youtuber from Los Angeles now living in Toronto. She’s an active member of multiple International Lolita Fashion Communities and has been interested in lolita and kawaii fashion for over 10 years. Lovely Lor has been featured in documentaries about Lolita Fashion such as Sugar Coated and Weird Threads. She creates videos on her Youtube channel specializing in alternative fashions, positivity, and adventure!
Be sure to check out her channel:

Tyler Willis

Tyler Willis is the creator behind Last Week Lolita News, a Lolita Fashion News Show made specifically for people who would take out your left eye with a parasol if they thought it would get them even an inch closer to getting their dream dress.

She discusses the happenings of the week in Lolita, dissects the general bickering into satisfying soundbites, and generally works as a giant envoy of catharsis for the Lolita Community at large.

Check out her YouTube channel:

Previous Fashion Guests


BABY, the Stars Shine Bright featuring Saki Tachibana

Haruka Kurebayashi

Peppermint Fox

Hard Decora




Royal Princess Alice featuring Aito

KawaiiHolic featuring U Kimura





Misako Aoki


RinRin Doll

J-Fashion Social

New for 2019!

Whether you’re a Tekko regular or a stranger in a strange land, you’re sure to make new friends at our J-Fashion Social on Saturday 4/13!

This is a casual event for all types of J-fashion enthusiasts: Lolita, Ouji, Decora, Fairy Kei, Gyaru, etc.

Light snacks will be provided.

Beauty Industry Corner

Tekko is pleased to announce the return of our Beauty Industry corner!


Do you want to add the perfect finish to your coord for the Intergalactic Gala, the final sparkle to your formal wear for the ball, or specialized effects for your cosplay? Book an appointment with one of our artists today! You can also see their work during our Fashion Show on Friday.

They will be available for on site appointments during Exhibition Hall hours. All other hours require advance booking.


Manda is returning for her third year as makeup artist extraordinaire at the Tekko Beauty Table. With an esthetician license and years of training under brands such as Smashbox, Urban Decay, and Too Faced, she is more than equipped to help you live your Tekko fantasy! Her forte is J-fashion, crossplay, and editorial makeup. Let Manda give you the perfect finishing touch with one of her signature services. Manda can be found on Youtube and Instagram @itsmandamade

  • Basic Makeup: complexion, eyebrows, lipstick, eyeshadow. does not include lashes $50

  • Crossplay Makeup: basic makeup plus larger areas of color correction, eyebrow correction, and cream contour. does not include lashes $75

  • Dramatic and Character Makeup: basic makeup with specialized details such as rainbow highlighter, glitter cut crease, minor face or body paint, includes optional lashes $100

  • Eyeshadow and Eyebrows: liner, eyeshadow, and eyebrows $30

  • Additional Face Or Body Paint: can be added on or purchased separately, not included in any service besides Dramatic And Character Makeup $15

  • Lash Application: can be added onto any service or purchased alone. Not included in any service besides Dramatic and Character Makeup $10

For examples of each pricing tier, please click here!
She can be contacted at for booking.


Fredward currently lives in Pittsburgh as a freelance makeup artist with 10+ years experience under his belt. He’s trained under some of the world’s famous artists representing Lancome, including Ross Burton (Oprah’s personal makeup artist and friend). He’s been featured on Pittsburgh Today Live as one of Lancome’s Elite Artist’s in 2016. Fredward specializes in bridal and editorial makeup, and when he’s not painting faces he can be found painting canvases. You can find him at @fredwardnault on Instagram.

  • Basic Makeup:complexion, blush, eyeshadow, lashes, lipstick, and brows $65

  • -Corrective/CrossPlay Makeup: basic makeup plus, color correcting large areas, cream/powder contour $85

  • -Character/Dramatic Makeup: basic makeup plus, more artistry detail (highlight, light bake, and finer detailing), optional lash application, and minor body/face paint $125

  • -Eyeshadow: eyeshadow, liner, mascara, and brows $35

  • -The Brow Glue Down: glue down brows, covered and concealed for character looks. Can be added to any service, NOT included in any service $30

  • -Minor body/face paint: can be added onto any service, NOT included in any service (except Character/Dramatic Makeup) $20

  • -Lash Application: can be added onto any service, NOT included in any service (except Character/Dramtic Makeup) $10

  • -Simple Hair Styling: buns, braids, twists, etc. Can be added onto any service, NOT included in any service $25

He can be contacted at for booking. 

Rgehring MUA

Rona Gehring is a Pittsburgh native MUA. Her experience includes 5+ years of professional makeup artistry taught by world famous artists representing Clarins, Shiseido, Dior, and Bobbi Brown. Rona is currently a full time artist for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. She specializes in bridal and editorial makeup. You can find her at @rgehringMUA or @ronahollaa on Instagram.

  • Personalized Full Face Makeup Consultation (Top tier makeup artistry. Meaning luxury products by Dior, Pat McGrath, Tatcha, Kevyn Aucoin, YSL, La Mer, Charlotte Tilbury. Possibly including under eye masks)

  • Traditional Makeup Artistry (Second tier makeup artistry. Meaning amazing products by Bobbi Brown, MAC, Anastasia, Urban Decay, NYX)

  • Stand Out Eyes (just eyes & by request and additional charge, lashes)

  • Lip Service (just lipstick)

  • False Lash Application Only

  • Tattoo Coverage and Correction (mostly for cosplayers)  

She can be contacted at for booking.